Hi there!

So….been awhile since I updated my blog. Well, in all honesty, I kinda forgot I had a blog. Been busy since my last entry which was 18 months ago. Let’s see….got married, bought a new house, worked a lot….rinse repeat. A vicious cycle. Well except for the getting married part. I hope to never do that again.

But today’s a new day, another opportunity to change course and set off in a new direction. or not. We’ll see. I think having something interesting to say or the lack thereof has kept me from blogging. That and the constant barrage of spam ‘comments”. That’s another thing that just turns me off of using the internet.

But I digress….this is a blog about my adventures in television and the crazy world I work in. So without further adieu….

Today I did a shoot as 2nd camera on 60 Minutes. Australia. Yes-there’s an Australian version of 60 Minutes. Here’s a picture…

So what else have I been doing? Well this:

This is my Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It shoots beautiful pictures. It’s very small, but takes so much stuff to make it usable that it makes it bigger than my regular camera.


Eh-Anything else? Well this:

This is me with the Sony F3 and a really nice Fuji 19-90 lens.

This was for the show “Testdrive” on the now defunct Speed Channel (God rest it’s soul).

Lots of cool stuff happening and I promise to update this more often, so the folks selling Viagra, work from home scams and that guy that keeps trying to give me 21 million dollars from his aunt in Nigeria will have something new to read, as they bombard my blog with comments.